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Coffee With a Sign Painter

Apr 20, 2021

Sean talks with Jakob Engberg of Copenhagen Signs in Denmark, a conversation about addiction, meditation, and redemption while painting signs.

Apr 4, 2021

Sean talks with The Gentleman Racer founder Mike Satterfield about the over-politicization of modern life and the much-needed death of our culture of consumerism.mike satterfield gentleman racer

Mar 15, 2021

Sean and English Gypsy Wagon painter Sarah Harvey talk paint and design, working for the occasional celebrity client, living free outside the confines of the "norm" and Frank Zappa.

Mar 7, 2021

Sean and globe-trotting sign painter and instructor Mike Meyer catch up and discuss the trade as well as sitting with your own mortality, paying it forward, and Polka music.


Mar 4, 2021

After a world-changing year, Sean Starr is in relaunch mode with the podcast and looking towards the unknown future with a focus on talking with other sign painters on where we all go from here.